ROOT's Mobile Tools (aka the filtercreator site) is a collaborative effort by the entire ROOT clan. The site was developed by Tee543 with many of the tool or feature ideas by Alfonsorod2003. The data comes from NathanJM0, and the site is hosted and administered by realrkennedy.

The [ROOT] Clan

NathanJM0 - R&D Director
Some people refer to Nathan as Neo because of his abilities in the MM "Matrix". But when you are "The Source" of data for so many other tools, how can you still be called Neo? See his tools like his MM Team Builder, Defensive Play Call Frequencies, and AH Price Guide available in Nathan's Encyclopedia. The player, collectible, and event data on ROOT's Online Tools is provided by Nathan.

Alfonsorod2003 - R&D Director
The puzzle master, and developer of the original filter creator and gameplan solver tools. The related tools on ROOT's Online Tools have slightly different or additional features, but the concepts were Alfonso Originals.

Tee543 - Website Developer
I am the developer of ROOT's Online Tools. I am a software engineer, but this was my first experience with web development. My goal was to make the functionality of Alfonso's filter creator available to anyone, without needing excel and enabling macros, and the site has expanded from that.

realrkennedy - Systems Administrator
The newest addition to the ROOT clan, realrkennedy, is a master at solving puzzles, and nearly a year ago graciously offered to host the filtercreator site when I posted that I was worried about performance and stability.